We hope to see you tonight at the Annual Homestead BBQ and Game Night! 

A big THANK YOU to all the individuals and businesses who donated items for our
live auction, raffle, and door prizes:
Brant Point Marine
Cape Codder Resort & Spa
Dan’s Pharmacy
Jack Goodman
Harbor Fuel
Hyline Cruises
Island Lumbar
The Islander
Keane Restaurant Group
Madaket Marine
Miacomet Golf Course
Monarch Face & Body
Paul Michetti
The Nantucket Hotel + Resort
The Nantucket Lightship Basket Museum
Nantucket Looms
Nativ Made
Pioneer Cleaning 
Kirk Riden
Carl Sjolund
Sayle’s Seafood
Stop & Shop
George Thomas and Lynn Zimmerman
Two for Joy Jewelry
The Trustees of the Reservation
WestBay Development



January 2014 Newsletter


Dear Friends:

It is hard to believe so much has gone on in just a couple of months!  Time just seems to have a way of sneaking up on me and surprising me! It is with sadness that I tell you Lucy Ann Dunham passed away in December at Nantucket Cottage Hospital, with her family by her side.  Lucy had lived with us for about a year and a half, and there was never a dull moment with her.  She was truly delightful, full of spark, and most always greeted us in the morning with a song.  We will miss her and extend our heartfelt sympathies to her very devoted family.

As I look back at this past fall, I have to tell you that we were all invited to The White Elephant for a luncheon out on the back patio of The Brant Point Grill.  We had a wonderful meal, and met some great staff members as well as individuals from the Saltmarsh Senior Center, The Adult Day Center, and The Academy Hill Apartments.  It is always a great event, and we are so appreciative of the generosity of Nantucket Island Resorts.

In October, Alexandra Punnett arrived at The Homestead.  Alex is a long time resident of the island, and lived on Old North Wharf for many years.  Her daughter Sarah also lives on the island and is a frequent visitor.  We welcome Alexandra and look forward to getting to know her and her family.

October is a month full of inspections for us, so it is always a relief to have those behind us.  This year we needed to update, otherwise known as replace, all our in-room smoke detectors.  Many thanks to Brian who tackled the project in a couple of afternoons and was able to have us ready for the fire department!

The Homestead submitted an application for grant monies to the Community Preservation Committee, and in October we had the opportunity to meet with members of the committee and advocate for the funding.  I have heard that we will be receiving some funds, but at this time there has been nothing specific communicated to me as they are pending approval from the Town.  I do want to take this opportunity to thank all those folks that submitted bids, to Brian for helping to get those bids put into writing, and  to John and Charlie who joined me at the meeting before the committee.  I couldn't have done it without all your help!

We spent a busy couple of months making wreaths and tree decorations for our various activities with the NHA and the Chamber.  We also had a tree in our name at the Festival of Trees decorated by our board member Maria Zodda and her husband John.  As part of Maria's project she sent away one of our oldest record books to be preserved and rebound.  Thanks Maria for all your efforts on our behalf!

Thanksgiving was very nice here at The Homestead.  Many folks were here for the celebration, and some family members joined us as well, making the day so much more festive!  Our meal was donated by our friends at the American Legion, and it was delicious!  We also had three turkeys donated to us by Harbor Fuel, it really is so thoughtful and helps with our budget, which is usually a bit tight this time of year.  Thanks so much to all of you!

As we move through November, our renovation project in room #4 was well underway.  There was a snag with our sprinkler system being capped off in a timely manner, but once that was completed, the demolition was fairly quick.  Bob Mooney, the tenant in that room now, came by on a weekly basis to check the progress of things, hoping that would help to keep things on track.  We are not finished yet, but are very close to having this done.  The new space looks great, and we are thankful to all those that worked so hard to help this project come to fruition, especially Andy and his helper James.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

At our annual Board of Director's meeting, held in November, we said goodbye to long time member Mike Connolly who is leaving to put his focus on the start-up of his new business.  We wish Mike well and thank him for all his hard work and dedication the The Homestead throughout his years of service.  In addition, we welcome a new Board member, Lee Gaw, to our Homestead family.  Lee is known to us as she is a frequent visitor to some of our residents that she met while delivering Meals on Wheels prior to their move here, and she is a real estate agent with our friends at Windwalker.  Welcome Lee, we look forward to having you on our Board.

Our Annual Appeal Campaign began in November and has raised over $11,000 so far.  Many thanks to our Directors for addressing the envelopes and to our residents Gerry, Bill, and Jane Manning for stuffing and sealing them.  Quite a coincidence that these three were the ones that adorned the appeal letter!

December brought with it the bustle and the joy of the holiday season.  Prior to the holiday, we finished up our wreath and our tree decorations, many thanks to Shelley Brooks, who spent a few nights and weekends working on them to help me get them done!  I must say, they looked great!

While on Facebook, my daughter found a piano for the taking!  So after an assessment fro Tim Thompson, our piano tuner, we moved it over here, cleaned it up and did some minor repairs so it is now in good working order.  Thanks to Sarah and Corey Ray for the donation and for helping us to make the various moves in order to get the piano here.  Jackie Siedel has already played a few songs for us, and the sound is delightful!  Any piano players interested in playing for us, we would welcome you anytime!

Our Christmas party was held on the 12th of December.  We had the pleasure of listening to The Shepcats again, and they always make it fun1  We had many family members, friends and neighbors join us for the evening and it was a great time.  Many thanks to the Directors for their hard work in putting this together and to the staff for their help throughout the evening!

Mark Yelle, of Nantucket Catering Company, prepared a delicious meal for us in December.  Mark had wanted to help out at the "Meat Shoot" event, but we had already received plenty of contributions, so this was his way of giving us a little something.  It was a wonderful meal  of short ribs, polenta and veggies that the residents just loved.  Such a nice gesture!

We had the benefit of many nice gestures made to us throughout the holiday season, it is truly heartwarming.  The ladies all received beautiful hand-made scarves, we received cute little silver beaded wreaths with a note attached from "the elves", and we had a couple of different church and choir groups, as well as individuals, sing their way through the house and provide concerts for us in the dining room.

November and December were quiet birthday months.  Kathleen Moreau celebrated hers on November 10th, Gloria Oliver on the 12th, and Martha Bouton on the 20th.  In December Deneilea Mooney celebrated hers on the 1st.  January 6th Jane Richmond had her special day, and on January 7th we had a little toast to Lucy Dunham!  Happy Birthday to all of you!

Stay tuned for our "Paint the Town Red" event which will take place in March!

Take care,