We hope to see you tonight at the Annual Homestead BBQ and Game Night! 

A big THANK YOU to all the individuals and businesses who donated items for our
live auction, raffle, and door prizes:
Brant Point Marine
Cape Codder Resort & Spa
Dan’s Pharmacy
Jack Goodman
Harbor Fuel
Hyline Cruises
Island Lumbar
The Islander
Keane Restaurant Group
Madaket Marine
Miacomet Golf Course
Monarch Face & Body
Paul Michetti
The Nantucket Hotel + Resort
The Nantucket Lightship Basket Museum
Nantucket Looms
Nativ Made
Pioneer Cleaning 
Kirk Riden
Carl Sjolund
Sayle’s Seafood
Stop & Shop
George Thomas and Lynn Zimmerman
Two for Joy Jewelry
The Trustees of the Reservation
WestBay Development



February 2015 Newsletter


Dear Friends:

Well, hasn't this weather just been a blast!  I am glad we are heading towards spring, very soon the snow and ice will give way to the daffodils.  We can hope!  All is well here at The Homestead.  We are enjoying the light we get with the longer days, and it really does look beautiful with all the snow!  This coming weekend we get to move the clocks ahead, making our days that much longer to enjoy!

Many thanks to my shoveling assistants!  Jen Anderson, Neeltje, David, Chris, Laxmi, Courtney and Denielea, you all made my life so much easier, and safer for all!  A special thanks to Maria Zodda, who worried so much that she actually came over and shoveled us out early in the morning of the last two storms, before anyone else could!  I appreciate all your help!

Our 10th annual "Paint the Town Red" fundraising event is scheduled for Saturday March 21st at The American Legion Hall at 5:30PM.  We will be serving a prime rib dinner, holding a live auction with Bob Lehman as the auctioneer, offering several "Chinese" raffle items and door prizes as well!  Please come and join us!  The tickets are $30 and are available at The Homestead or by calling any of the Directors.  It is a fun evening, and the funds help to support The Homestead, a win-win situation!

Mary Zimmerman has been sunning in Florida this winter with her daughter Lynn and son-in-law- George.  What a winter to miss up here!  We have heard from her a few times, and she is enjoying the warm days sitting up on her balcony!  We truly miss her, and look forward to her coming back as spring arrives.

Grace Coffin has moved in with us for the remainder of the winter.  We have known Grace for quite some time, as a former member of the Board of Directors of The Homestead, and of course through her niece Kerry O'Keefe and nephew John Morgan.  We welcome Grace and are happy we were able to take her in during this rough winter weather.

As March moves along, we will be celebrating a couple of birthdays throughout the month.  Tish will celebrate hers on the 12th, while Bill Allen celebrates his on the 13th, and Brian has his birthday on the 28th.

We still have one vacancy, on the first floor, and it has a full bath.  Please keep your ears open for any potential tenants.

Take care!