The Homestead BBQ and Game Night

Join us on Saturday October 28, 2017 at the VFW for a fundraiser to support The Homestead.  There will be a BBQ dinner, games, auction, and more!  Details will follow, but save the date!


Spring/Summer Newsletter 2017


Dear Friends,

It has been a whirlwind couple of months.  Things at The Homestead have been busy.  Jen Killen is back to work after successful surgery on her foot.  She had a great recovery, and is back at full steam!  I do want to express my sincere thanks to this great staff that covered all of her time off, and did a wonderful job!  A special thanks to new staff member Susan Wilson, who was able to join us and put up with us through all the chaos and scheduling fluctuations!  You were all amazing!

It is with great sadness that we lost John Morgan in April.  He was a kind and gentle soul, and his presence here is deeply missed.  We continue to send our best to his family and friends, especially Matt, Grace and Kerry.  We were truly fortunate to have had the pleasure of knowing him.

In early June we had a new resident move in, Carolyn Stanton.  Carolyn is new to Nantucket, having moved here to be nearer her children Eric and Alexandra who both live on the island.  We look forward to getting to know her and welcome her to The Homestead.

Also in June, we had our first fundraising event at The Yacht Club.  The evening consisted of a delicious dinner prepared and served by the staff of The Yacht Club, and a small art auction of select paintings donated to The Homestead from six of our talented local artists.  The night was a successful one and our guests had a great time.  Our sincere thanks to Peter and his staff at The Yacht Club for allowing us to use this lovely setting for our event.  Many thanks to our very generous artists:  Robert Frazier, Julie Gifford, David Lazarus, John Lochtefeld, Neeltje Westerlund and Sherre Wilson-Liljegren.  Their beautiful artwork inspired many generous bids!  Thanks to Bob and Diane Lehman for the lovely music and auctioneering, and of course to all our guests who attended the event and supported The Homestead!

We were saddened to hear of the death of Diane Legg.  Diane was a long time Director of The Homestead, and was at many of our fundraisers to show her continued support for our organization.  Both her son Brian and her daughter Christine have also been Directors and continue to be involved with The Homestead.  Our thoughts and  prayers are with you all.  Diane will be deeply missed.

We thank our frequent Monday tea visitors, Priscilla McIntosh and Maria Zodda for their time and spunk that they bring to our Monday gatherings.  Your cheerfulness and generosity is appreciated by the residents and the staff as well!  Thank you both so much!

We have also been lucky to have Amy's daughters Judy and Mary, and her niece Susan join us on occasion, as well as Robin Rowland and Jean Joslin.  Your visits mean a lot, and are truly appreciated.

We had several birthdays over the past couple of months.  In April, our former resident Lucy Murray celebrated her birthday on the 16th, and Amy Brock celebrated her birthday on the 22nd.  The month of May is the most popular birthday month for us.  On the 4th Alexandra Punnett celebrated her birthday, followed by Jen Killen on the 5th, Neeltje Westerlund on the 6th, Chris Roberts on the 19th, Annette Lodge on the 29th, and Jennifer Anderson on the 30th!  Let there be cake!  The month of June brings us no birthdays, and in July we will celebrate Brendel Hunter-Hart's birthday on the 25th.

Following a cool and wet spring, we are now able to enjoy some of the warmth that summer brings.  Our gardens, as always, are beautiful, and depending upon the outdoor temperatures the rockers are frequently occupied!  Stop by and visit, we would love to see you.

Have a great summer.

Tish and Neeltje 

February Newsletter


Dear Friends,

We are already three quarters of the way through the month of February, and we have been blessed with some pretty nice weather. Some of the sunsets and sunrises have been just beautiful this month, with lots of pink and purple to light up the sky. Despite some of the cold days we have had the daffodils have not been deterred, having stems 4-6 inches above the ground! The snow drops are already out in our neck of the woods, it's really uplifting to see everything starting to stir!

We did start the month with a "big" Super Bowl party. Most of the viewers made it until half-time, then went to bed and with that dreadful first half performance who could be blamed! But the two super fans, Jack and John, made it to the end! Both admitted the lack of sleep was worth it! There was an amble supply of beverages and snacks to keep them going, not to mention the ribbing that could be dealt out the next day to those who could not stay awake!

Valentine's Day did not go by unnoticed! We had a little dessert party for everyone, and sat back and relaxed, surrounded by a lot of chocolate! Cupid had left some little presents to spread some cheer to everyone, a very nice afternoon for all.

We are planning our annual "Paint the Town Red" fundraising event coming up in March. As usual, it will be held at The American Legion Hall, and it is scheduled for Saturday, March 25th. The door opens at 5:30 PM for drinks (cash bar), then is followed by a prime rib dinner around 6ish. Bob Lehman will be our auctioneer for the evening, and will also keep the pace of the evening rolling! Tickets are a very reasonable $35 each, and the evening is always such a good time. You can pick up your tickets at the Homestead prior to the event, or from any of the members of the Board of Directors. This will be our 12th year doing this event, and both the guests and the Board never tire of it. Please join us for a fun evening with good food and good people, and support a great cause.

We have a very quiet birthday month at the Homestead, but we will celebrate Esther Johnson's birthday on the 26th. Happy Birthday to you Esther!! Esther will have her son Rob visiting from California, her daughter Leslie, and her sister Louise to celebrate with! I'm sure it will be a great day!

Over the winter we have had a couple of local students volunteer their time with us for their school requirements. It has been fun for both the residents and the staff to have them with us, a new face always brings new energy and new ideas. So fun!

Mary Zimmerman has headed down to Florida for a week in the sun and warm weather. We wish both Mary and her daughter Lynn a safe trip and lots of fun along the way! Lynn, you are amazing!

Take Care!


January 2017 Newsletter


Dear Friends,

Happy New Year!  It's been a while since we have written, it always seems like there is something that gets in the way of sitting down and writing!  There has been a lot happening since this fall!

In September we had our annual BBQ on the 15th for the residents and their families.  It was a great time, as always with good food, good people and of course The Shepcats providing the entertainment.  Our Directors brought lots of salads and desserts, which everyone enjoyed.  The weather cooperated nicely allowing us to enjoy the patio as well.  Many thanks to all who contributed to such a wonderful event, with special thanks to Susan Warner for the grill that makes our cooking so much easier!

Also in September we participated in the Elder Expo, an annual event held at the high school geared to educating the community about the services Nantucket has to offer our elders.  It also is a great place to get your flu shot!

October was a fairly quiet month for us.  We had just a few trick-or-treaters this year.  It seems that after the little parade downtown people head off to the out of town hot spots, like the Mizzenmast/Keel Lane neighborhoods.  Despite only a few visitors, our residents enjoyed the evening.

During the first week of November we attended the annual luncheon sponsored by The White Elephant for several of the Island's non-profits dedicated to serving the elders of the community.  This year we shared the dining room with many of the staff and residents of The Landmark House.  We always have a great time with them, the food is always good, and the view is just amazing!  Many thanks to our hosts, and to all those who volunteered their time to serve us.  We certainly do appreciate it.

On Saturday November 5th, we held our "Homestead BBQ and Game Night" fundraiser.  It was a very fun evening!  There were a number of great prizes donated to this event from our very generous community.  The food, prepared by Chris and Linda Roberts, was delicious.  Again, we had lots of help pulling this event together, and as always it turned out to be a great success.  We do thank Patrick and Dora Lee Nolan at the VFW for being so flexible with the scheduling of this event, it really helped that we had extra time to plan for it!

Just after Thanksgiving, Esther Johnson moved in to The Homestead from her home in Centerville.  Esther has moved here to be closer to her daughter Leslie Johnson, a long time Madaket resident.  Esther's sister is Louise Conway, who is well know to many of us from her days of waitressing and hostessing in several of our local restaurants.  We welcome Esther to The Homestead and are enjoying getting to know her and her family.

As we headed into the month of December, we were hard at work decorating the house for the holidays, as well as making decorations for the tree downtown.  After selecting a theme, Neeltje began dismantling clothespins and spray painting them to form very pretty stars!  We had our usual tree, out in front of Murray's Toggery Shop, and with the help of Jen Killen and Jack Diamond we were able to put together a nice looking tree!

Our holiday party was held during early December, again we had a wonderful time.  We even had a visit from our former resident Lucy Murray, her daughter Anna and Lucy's caregiver Barbara.  Lucy has moved into her house here on Nantucket, and she is very close to The Homestead which allows for easy visiting.  We also had the Shepcats come and play for us again!  It really wouldn't be the same without them here to brighten up the evening with music.

Throughout the month of December we had several church and community groups drop by and sing carols for us.  We also has several "elves" visit with presents and treats for all of us!  What a very generous community we live in!

Sadly on January 2, 2017, we lost Bill Rowland.  Bill had been a resident here for over four years, having moved here from Plattsburg to be near his son Mickey.  He was a man of great accomplishments throughout his 95 years, and during his stay here with us he was always up for a good adventure and remained quite active until just prior to his death.  He frequently serenaded us as he would leave the dining room heading upstairs for the evening!  Danny Boy was one of his top 10!  We will miss him.  Our thoughts go out to his family during this time of sadness.

We do have some vacancies at the moment, so please keep us in mind if you know anyone who may be interested!

Take care, and Happy New Year to you!

Tish and Neeltje

August 2016 Newsletter


Dear Friends:

What a beautiful summer it has been!  Other than some very hot and humid weather in August it has been one of the nicest summer seasons any of us can recall.

We have had multiple visits from The Rossini Club, a chamber music ensemble lead by former island resident Nick Davies. The members volunteer their time and each performance has featured different musicians playing different instruments, as well as an operatic solo at our last concert.  We feel so fortunate to be on their list of places to visit!

We are also lucky to have such wonderful neighbors.  The Mittenthals, across the street, have had a box of the best Georgia peaches delivered to us on three different occasions over the course of the summer.  We have had peach cobbler, peach pie, peaches on ice cream and many other marvelous peach creations.  Nothing could be more satisfying or enjoyable than a perfectly ripe peach on a summer day.

The Rose Mallows are in full bloom on Squam Road so we made our annual field trip last week to view them in all their glory.  Other field trips have included touring Madaket, Sconset, Quidnet, and Pocomo. The Sconset Market is an excellent place to get an ice cream on a busy summer day when it is impossible to get into town.

Many thanks to Ella Finn and The Landmark House for their generosity in arranging and funding multiple free cruises for seniors on Shearwater Excursions.  Several of our residents signed up for a tour of the harbor and we were so appreciative to have been included in these arrangements.

We had three summer residents this year.  Mary Browne came for a couple of weeks from Washington D.C. This was her fourth summer staying with us. We also had Cynthia Thurston, an island native who has lived in Virginia for most of her adult life, from Memorial Day weekend until August 14th. Our other summer resident has been Sherry Clarke, from Wisconsin. Sherry has been very active in volunteering her time everywhere from the Dreamland to the Seconds Shop to A Safe Place. Nantucket has been so fortunate to have her and the Homestead has been too. She is a warm and generous person. Among her many acts of kindness she took it upon herself to give our upstairs porch a little face lift by scraping and repainting the eaves. It looks beautiful!

We welcomed Amy Brock to the Homestead. Amy has moved into room # 3 and is settling in with the help of her daughters, Judy Phelan and Mary Jean Dwyer. We know Amy as one of our neighbors on Gardner Street, as well as being a longtime supporter of the Homestead along with her late husband Albert, who was a member of the Board of Directors for a number of years. Amy is also the aunt of Susan Conway, currently serving on the Board and Charlie Duponte, former treasurer of the Homestead. We look forward to having Amy here with us.

The fence is finished! Michael Gault has applied the last coat of stain to our fence, and it really looks nice. We have so many people to thank for this! Again, we want to express our gratitude to the CPC for granting us the funds to complete this project. Many thanks to Maria Zodda, our liaison with the CPC, for all her advice and assistance, making this project go so smoothly. Brian Davis was instrumental in setting up contractors for bidding on the project and for continuing to stay on them to get the written quotes in hand, a big thank you for a difficult job!

Our annual Homestead BBQ will be on Thursday September 15th from 5-7 P.M. This year we will be combining our BBQ with an open house to give people in the community an opportunity see what we are all about. The Shepcats will be playing music and there will be food, drink and good company. Residents, staff, board members and families make this a really enjoyable event. Hope to see you there!

Enjoy these last beautiful weeks of the season!

Take care,

Tish and Neeltje


January 2016 Newsletter


Dear Friends,

It seems hard to believe that the holidays are past and we are already into January. So far we have only had a couple of really cold winter days and we would be happy to keep it that way.

 It was a busy fall with many changes taking place.

In September, Bill Allen, who lived with us here at the Homestead for about a year, died after a brief illness. Bill was 101 years old, a true gentleman, and was much loved for his pleasant demeanor and marvelous smile. We feel lucky to have gotten to know him and his family. His daughter Barbara, an artist,  gave us a beautiful painting which we have hung in a place of honor in the dining room. Many of us are familiar with the scene it depicts of the rose mallows in Squam which we have viewed on more than one field trip.

We had our annual BBQ on September 10th which is a wonderful opportunity for residents, their families, staff, and board members to spend time together, enjoy good food and listen to the music of the Shepcats who have, over the years, become our beloved house band.

In September we also welcomed new resident Arlyn Mozoki, who is a lovely addition to our group. Arlyn came to us from Marshfield and has three children, one of whom lives here on Nantucket.

Paul Connors came to sing for us on the 17th in preparation for a children's concert he was planning. We sang many of the kid classics including "Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, guess I'll go eat worms!" which made us all laugh.

In October we were treated to lunch at the White Elephant along with residents from Landmark House and Academy Hill which is always a delightful experience. On October 24th we hosted our annual BBQ and Game Night Fundraiser held at the VFW. So many people work so hard to make this event a huge success and successful it was. Great prizes, great fun and great people!

November was busy with preparing for Thanksgiving and getting decorations made for our tree downtown. Sadly, the festivities were greatly dampened by the loss of our dear Gloria Oliver the day after Thanksgiving. However, we are grateful that her death was peaceful and that she was surrounded by people who loved her. Gloria was with us for about two and a half years. She loved music and enjoyed outings in the car, often coming up with our best field trip ideas and destinations. She also had special nicknames for all of us which we will remember and treasure always. We miss Gloria and also her daughter Deb who visited regularly from Hadley Massachusetts.

Even though we knew it was coming it seemed like December arrived very quickly with Christmas soon to follow. We decorated our tree downtown with paper snowflakes and snowmen garlands made by our residents in time for stroll weekend, visited the festival of trees at the Whaling Museum, and held our annual Christmas party on the 10th. We enjoyed pizza, salads, deviled eggs, and many other treats contributed by guests. Again the Shepcats provided the entertainment and a good time was had by all.

Unfortunately our holiday celebrations were again restrained by the illness and subsequent death of Emma Rusch on December 21, a Homestead resident for five years. Emma was 105 years old and had a vivacious and magnetic personality. She had a genuine love for and interest in people, was able to remember extraordinary details about the lives of others and had a gift for uniting and engaging those around her. We mourn her loss but are thankful that she was able to die at home here at the Homestead where she wanted to be.

The holidays always bring good deeds and presents and we thank everyone who took time out from their own busy schedules to so kindly remember us. We thank the children from St. Mary's religious education group  for hand made Thanksgiving cards and the children from Maria Zodda's elementary school class for Christmas cards. Thanks also to Emery Bouchard and all the kids from her birthday party for making and delivering beautiful and delicious cookies. We thank the members of the Unitarian Church choir for coming by to sing carols on Christmas Eve which really made things festive and merry. Our thanks also go out to Leslie Lindsay who provided us with a spiral ham and pecan pie for a special New Year's feast.

Our next scheduled event is Paint The Town Red which will be held at the American Legion Hall on Saturday, March 12, 2016 at 5:30 P.M.Tickets are $35 and include a prime rib dinner, door prizes and the opportunity to bid on the live auction items as well as participate in a raffle. We hope to see you there as this is a fun way to beat the winter blues, spend a nice evening and support a good cause.

Happy New Year!

Tish and Neeltje